Create a Maintenance Calendar in 2021

Get organised and keep your property in good condition The holiday season is almost here. So is summer, which for many Kiwis means holidays at the beach or elsewhere. Once those are over, it’s time to start thinking about the year ahead: 2021. May it come...

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Should I Repair or Replace my Windows?

Make the right call when it comes to window maintenance When we think of broken windows, we tend to think of cracked glass. The solution to that is simple (though not always cheap): a new pane of glass installed and you are good to go. A bigger and more...

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Rental Property Maintenance: Plan For Success

Maintenance planning for rentals Being a landlord is not a hands-off investment. Under New Zealand law—specifically the Residential Tenancies Act 1986, including changes made by the Residential Tenancies (Amendment) Act of 2019—there are many...

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Do you know your fencing rights?

Know your fencing rightsA big backyard with plenty of grassy space is a Kiwi dream, especially for those with kids or pets who can enjoy playing outdoors. Often, this includes a fence for privacy, security, and protection from neighbourhood noise.Whether...

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When Do I Need a Retaining Wall?

Why and how to make use of retaining walls on your property.A retaining wall has one primary purpose: to retain. To put it simply, retaining in this context means supporting soil laterally so that it can be kept at two different levels on either side. Such...

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On The Fence: Painting or Staining?

Should you treat your fence with a lick of paint or splash of stain?Adding some colour to your fence with paint or a stain can do more than just add an aesthetic advantage. While fences may look pretty, they also serve some very valuable functions: keeping...

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Should you use composite wood or timber decking?

There’s nothing quite like spending a long, lazy summer afternoon outside on the deck. But long before there are barbecues and platters of cheese and Kiwi onion dip, decisions must be made about something much more fundamental - the deck...

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Which wood should you use for your deck?

Forget the white picket fence, the real New Zealand dream is to have a spacious deck at home for barbeques, drinks, and soaking up the sunshine. Whether you’re looking to replace existing decking or build one from scratch, one of the biggest...

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Essential Hard Landscaping Aspects to Consider

Good landscaping can take a property from average to amazing. Having your home look nice on the inside is great, but as New Zealanders, we tend to spend a lot of time in our outdoor areas. Having them looking fabulous and functioning well should be a top...

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