Create a Maintenance Calendar in 2021

by | Nov 13, 2020 | Maintain Your Property

Get organised and keep your property in good condition


The holiday season is almost here. So is summer, which for many Kiwis means holidays at the beach or elsewhere. Once those are over, it’s time to start thinking about the year ahead: 2021. May it come with fewer global pandemics than the current one.

For any property owner, maintenance is a task—or rather, a collection of tasks—that never ends. Even when nothing is broken and in need of fixing, there is always work to do to ensure that that remains the case for as long as possible. Looking after a property and keeping it in top shape involves many small jobs, some of them repetitive.

All too often, we blink and it’s halfway through the year with most of the required regular maintenance jobs left undone. To avoid ending up in that familiar situation, we have a solution: a maintenance calendar. Setting out a plan for your yearly, quarterly, and monthly jobs makes it much easier to remember to tick them off the list.

A maintenance calendar is a tool that works for many different property owners and situations. Whether you like to do most projects yourself or hire professionals to get the job done, having a calendar is essential to staying on top of the work that needs to happen.

Here are a few pointers for anyone creating a maintenance calendar for their home, rental, or commercial property.


Consider the seasons

Many maintenance jobs are seasonal. When scheduling them in, you’ll need to think carefully about timing. Spring, of course, is a great time for an exterior wash, hedge trimming, and other tasks that make your property look fresh for summer. In autumn, you may like to clear out your spouting in preparation for the winter rains and, if you have one, get the chimney swept and ready. Winter is a great time for indoor projects, while summer is the time to do anything requiring good weather: weed spraying and other gardening tasks, roof cleaning, and painting.


Find out the frequency

Some home maintenance tasks must be done once a year. Others, every few years. Some should be done every six months, quarterly, or even monthly. To ensure that the property is well looked after and experiences as few breakdowns of various components as possible, it’s important to keep to these timelines.

So, when making a maintenance calendar you should do a little research and find out the recommended frequency for particular tasks. You could talk to industry professionals or google around to read some different opinions. Roof cleaning, for example, should be done about once a year. Deck staining is best done every two to three years. Depending on how well-insulated the building is, window frames may need cleaning every month or two—perhaps moreover winter—to avoid build-up of mould and mildew. Hedge trimming usually happens every four to six months.

Of course, each property is unique and yours may have individual requirements meaning that certain tasks must be done more or less frequently. For this reason, it’s a good idea to ask someone with specialist knowledge. Most tradespeople and maintenance services will be able to give you expert advice in their field.


Don’t put it off

No schedule is effective if you don’t abide by it. For your 2021 maintenance calendar to get good results, you need to stick to it and tick off each task as it comes up. If you are the type of person who lives and dies by their physical planner, enter all of the dates into your main diary for the year so you don’t forget them. If you organise your life digitally, put the dates for each task into your phone calendar and set reminders a week or so in advance so you have time to buy supplies and/or book in your services.

A general handyman service like Maintain Your Property provides in Wellington can make keeping on top of things smooth and simple. We can do the vast majority of maintenance work that any home, commercial, or rental property will need. We can also provide expert advice and guidance in creating a maintenance calendar for your property. Dealing with just one provider makes maintenance easy—so if you are in the Wellington region, get a free quote!