The Lowdown on Repairing and Maintaining Wooden Window Joinery

Jan 30, 2020 | Maintain Your Property

Windows in their modern form (with glass panes) were first used in England in the early 17th century, and have certainly proven popular since then! They are a crucial part of any home or building and allow light and air in while keeping the elements out. With modern innovations like joinery and double glazing, windows have come a long way and become even more effective in their purpose. As such, it’s important to keep your windows in tip-top shape!

The Maintain Your Property team is often asked to help homeowners get their windows into shape, particularly those with wooden joinery which can swell. The following are a few things to think about when repairs or maintenance are needed—and remember, working with windows requires care and expertise. Generally, it’s best to call in the professionals.

The sticky window issue

Often, the problem that people have with windows is that they are sticking or jamming entirely. There are several reasons this can happen.

The hinges are the mechanisms that allow windows to open and shut, so if your window is sticking they may not be in good working order. A little lubricant may do the trick, but hinges may be broken or rusted beyond repair. We can replace those with quality stainless steel hinges to last a long time.

Timber joinery is often found in older homes—of which there are many in the Wellington region! While it is very attractive and lends any home or building a classic look, it can cause issues with swelling, which makes windows stick or jam. Easing is the term for the procedure used to fix this, but it is tricky to do well—we don’t recommend that the average homeowner attempts to ease their own windows!

The ins and outs of easing

If the hinges are in good condition, swelling is the likely cause of a jammed or sticky window. For this, easing is required—that is, carefully shaving off as little of the timber as possible to free up the window so that it can move smoothly. Less is more is a golden rule that applies to many situations in life, but especially with window repair and easing.

If too much is taken off your timber window frames, you may end up with gaps that become more obvious in summer as the wood dries out and shrinks. The key is to never shave off timber to the point that the weather groove is no longer visible when you open them—as this is what prevents water from working its way into your house.

Priming your timber

Along with easing, there are many maintenance and repair jobs that can be done on timber windows—replacing sections, repainting, mitigation of rot, and more. Whatever it is that is being done, it’s likely that some of the timber will become exposed.

When any work is done on wooden window frames, it’s crucial that exposed wood is primed before being repainted. This prevents more water from soaking in, which will in turn reduce future instances of swelling and rot.

Call in the experts

Messing about with windows can be risky. Unless you have plenty of experience, it’s best to leave the task of easing or repairing your timber windows to the experts!

Maintain Your Property has a team of people with the diverse skills to carry out all kinds of home and property maintenance including window repair. We have been working on homes and properties around the Wellington region since 2012 and can find and carry out a solution to just about any issue. Get a free quote for that job that’s been on your list for a long time!