Drainage and Irrigation

If your lawn constantly floods and you want an effective, reliable solution talk to MVP. We can visit your property and fix any issues with drainage, and ensure you’re left with a garden that has a well-functioning drainage system.

Our drainage and irrigation services include:

  • Fixing any drainage and irrigation problems.
  • Providing options and advice around repairing or replacing broken draining.
  • Ensuring any new drainage or irrigation functions correctly to provide a beautiful garden.

 Proper draining prevents flooding in your garden, which in turn ensures that you maintain the best value for your home’s garden as possible. Good drainage also ensures that a garden receives the right amount of water, so that your garden improves with age instead of struggling to survive through the seasons.

 Extend your home with a beautiful garden.

  • A beautiful garden helps to increase your property value.
  • Create an aesthetic garden beauty that improves with age.

 What we can do for you

At MYP, we have a highly skilled and dedicated landscaper with over 30 years of industry experience. We provide exceptional advice and quality work at excellent prices.

 If you need assistance or advice on how to fix or enhance your garden with our drainage and irrigation services, we can visit your home and assess the area, then discuss which option is most suitable for your situation.

 We have a range of landscaping services that are available for our Wellington customers, so we can incorporate any decking, paving, retaining wall, or concreting services alongside if needed.

How do our drainage and irrigation services in Wellington work?

You can contact our team about repairing existing drainage or fixing irrigation issues, or assessing any areas for new drainage and irrigation installation, by phone, email, or online.

 We’ll give you a call back as soon as possible and schedule a time to inspect your home and discuss the issues you’re experiencing with your current drainage and irrigation.

 Once we visit and make an assessment, we’ll take you through some options for:

  • Fixing the site.
  • Possible repairs.
  • Advice on replacing the current drainage.

Our process:

  • We’ll visit your home and speak to you about your property and plans for installing new drainage and irrigation or fixing any existing issues.
  • We’ll offer our recommendations from our assessment, along with quotes.
  • We’ll confirm we’ve agreed on a process for fixing or replacing your drainage or irrigation
  • Once the 50% deposit is received we’ll schedule a time to begin our work, and update you with regular progress photos along the way.

Drainage and irrigation services in Wellington

At MYP, we’re experienced landscaping professionals with 30 years of experience in the building industry. We are Allround certified and insured landscapers and our Landscapers attend annual training seminars to keep up with the ever evolving rules, regulations and advancing technology. We can work on landscaping projects of any scale, and source quality materials for all our landscaping work, including our drainage fixing and repair services.

 If you’re experiencing constant flooding that is causing irreparable damage to your garden, call our team today. Our experience in landscaping projects will ensure we offer the advice you need, and can fix any drainage or flooding problems. If you need to speak to a landscaping expert in Wellington, contact MYP today and we’ll organise a time to visit your site.